On the shores of Lake Erie

Bio: The name on my documents says I'm Betty Burley, but that sounds like an old lady. I call myself ~Be~ when I talk to myself, which is quite a lot, actually. It seems like yesterday was my 50th birthday, but the calendar says it’s been 5 years. They have been hard years and beautiful years. Life's moving way too fast, and it's time to get a handle on my health - physical, mental and spiritual. I love to write. I used to write poems and short stories. More recently, I've taken to writing little blurbs on social media, and my friends keep telling me, "you should write a book." I asked, "but what should I write about?" The answer from a friend who I consider very wise was "Just write what you know..." I have bits and pieces of several novels and self-help books started and they grow from time to time. Most days, I prefer to write blogs. One way or another, I find a way to write. I don't want to die with my words still in me. For what it's worth, I'm going to "just write what [I] know." I live in a beautiful city on the shores of Lake Erie, where I'm a lawyer by trade. Being a lawyer allows me to be a helper, and being a helper is where I find my joy. I'm a wife, mom, stepmom and grandma. I have two dogs. My mom died several years ago. I wasn’t prepared for the hard lessons that experience would teach me. Being a student is a hard job. I cook gluten free / dairy free. I steer clear of sugar and flour. It's simple, but it works for me. I can play the piano. I used to be quite good, but I haven't made time to practice. I have tons of awesome friends who I never seem to find time to get together with. I love my tribe. I'm becoming the "Betty" I want to be. Feel free to follow along. Join the tribe and the conversation. Thanks for checking in. ~Be~

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