Banishing the “Yes But[t]”

Perhaps the biggest health hurdle of all to conquer is the dreaded “Yes But[t].” (YB)

The YB strips us of our pride, depletes our confidence, and worst of all gives us excuses to give up.

I thought I had all but banished the YB yesterday when it reared its ugly head.  I started running in March of this year.  I don’t move fast, but I move.  Some weeks I move more than others.  I moved a lot of miles a couple of moths ago.  Then, life got busy and I hurt my knee.  I still run, but I’ve been doing more other exercises, like walking, weight training and even some dancing.

A friend who follows my progress on Nike+ congratulated me for running 10 miles this month.  10 miles is a long way for someone who couldn’t run 1/10th mile without gasping for air and holding onto the treadmill a couple of months ago.  I should have been shaking my booty and dancing, “10 miles, baby, 10 miles!  Hear me roar!”  Instead, I got a case of the YB.

Yes, but my personal trainer app says that I should have done 17 by now.

Yes, but in May I did 50 miles, and I’m way behind that pace.

You get the idea. Instead of celebrating my achievement (10 miles, WOOT!), I posted a big WOOT online, and then mentally berated myself for not running 17 miles, for not losing weight faster, for having a stride that’s too short, and for eating a gluten free pop tart for a snack.  The YB got me, 

The YB also helps us justify choices (like that pop tart).  Yes, but I had a salad for lunch.  Yes, but I ran an extra 1/10th mile.

I’m giving my Yes, But[t] the heave ho.  I encourage you to do the same.  When someone remarks on your achievement, say, “Thank you, I’m so proud.”  When the YB creeps in as an excuse, ask yourself if what you want is worth delaying your goal.  If it is, then enjoy it and own it.  




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